COOL & FUN SCHOOL HACKS ! 11 Back To School Ideas and DIY School Supplies By Crafty Panda 

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In the middle of the summer season, there’s always enough time for a good bundle of cool school hacks, right? And we’ve brought you the best ones too! Learn to hide all of your important math formulas right on the surface of a cola bottle or make use of an old pair of jeans by making a case for your Kindle out of it! Discover how to organize and write your schedule directly onto a photo frame or make an emergency slingshot out of a simple paperclip to take revenge on those school bullies! Stay tuned for more DIY school supply ideas, back to school hacks, and more!
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00:00 Hide Words
00:44 Cheat Sheet on Cola Bottle
01:38 Mess-Free Paint
02:22 Pi Numbers
03:20 From Jeans To Kindle Case
04:59 Photo Frame - Whiteboard
05:53 From Paperclip To Slingshot
07:18 Delete Bad Marks
08:03 Earphones Holder
09:02 Sneak Chips Into Class
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Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda 3 hónapja
Hey, Nerdy Pandas, 🐼🍎 I know you’re probably sunbathing somewhere on a beach, but… 😎🏖️🌞 It’s always a good time for a bundle of epic school supply hacks, right? 🖇️📝📖 Let me know which of these school hacks you liked the most! 😉😎📚 Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟 Much love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖 P.S. If you enjoyed this video, you might also like 😉: hurun.info/to/vide/f6qjxp6d0n_Xl7c.html
Leonie Alexa Hoffmann
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ام شمس 23 napja
Shruthi Gowda
Shruthi Gowda 26 napja
I love to see the 5mintes crafts
Shruthi Gowda
Shruthi Gowda 26 napja
I love to see the 5mintes crafts
Shova Sharma
Shova Sharma Hónapja
Vedamurthy K M
Crafty panda
Bilal Bilal
Bilal Bilal 8 napja
رئيس اف
Ajay Chandran
Ajay Chandran 10 napja
Your videos are so useful for me I like the video so much💋❣️🌹😍
Zaayqa Nawayath
Zaayqa Nawayath 11 napja
Anjaneyulu Yadav
Very good 👍 Craft
Saravana Moorthy
Боходир Тажикулов
sunil singh
sunil singh Hónapja
Most cute is emma Most beautiful is emily Most smarty is madsom Most kind is jessica
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inyang sito Hónapja
Who else notices that that first guy looks like noah centineo
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Jessica , Emily hiiii ☺😊
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Super guys that's nice 😉😄
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kindly help me to reach 500 subscribers
Fact: your skin is shed and regrown about every 27 days. Most of them get 1000 skins in a lifetime.
Aashrita Veluri
Aashrita Veluri Hónapja
Does Emily know how to eat?????? She eats very weird
Aryan kumar
Aryan kumar Hónapja
These are best school hacks of world
Medet Kenjegaliev
Brilliant ideas from Tanisha
Hey can't you wash at 4:45 instead of cutting it
Shailesh Patel
Shailesh Patel Hónapja
Comment me that which country are you? I am from India 🇮🇳
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The first hack is useful for any secret messege thanks😀😀😀😀😀
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prabhleen kaur
prabhleen kaur Hónapja
Ek 1000 rupes ki jeans ko kat kar 100 rupes ki chese kon banata hai bhai 😭😭😭😒😂😂😂
Little Cute
Little Cute Hónapja
Hello carfty panda hi good video
feriel saadi
feriel saadi Hónapja
I love emma and emily
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hasanath beevi Hónapja
Emily is so sweet
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Soyma DIY Hónapja
that pink hair girl wink was cute lol
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Too much funny and delicious😋😋😋
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Ravi kumar Golla 2 hónapja
Where are you living
Srinivas HT
Srinivas HT 2 hónapja
Emma is so beauty full girl
Kalpana Vijay
Kalpana Vijay 2 hónapja
How to do pouch
Aziza Shekh
Aziza Shekh 2 hónapja
I have tried the 2nd idea the answer written on cocacola bottle I got full marks
Asim Raza
Asim Raza 2 hónapja
I like the idea of J ī chalenge
Gopinath Biswal
Gopinath Biswal 2 hónapja
Harsha Varthini
Harsha Varthini 2 hónapja
😍i think Jessica and Emma was excellent
Harsha Varthini
Harsha Varthini 2 hónapja
I will give the mark this 100/100
Sampa Ghosh
Sampa Ghosh 2 hónapja
Manju Saini
Manju Saini 2 hónapja
It is not good to hide your marks
laxmi narayan
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Triggered Insan should roast this
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Kay ham hapkawatshapmajudsaktaha
Rănită Laura Lincar
Y love Emyli +Jacoms
Kandikatla Prasanna Kumar
I like emily and emma Jessica and mandison
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It is again
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اكو عرب بطياره😁😂😂
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My my favourite videos I I love this all all videos CRAFTY Panda
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Small hair valo sister very cute I am your big fan
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Chandra Sekar
Chandra Sekar 2 hónapja
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riyad bousbia 2 hónapja
dilbar muhammed Ck
dilbar muhammed Ck 2 hónapja
Malar Vizhi
Malar Vizhi 2 hónapja
Super lam also your fans
Khawaja mehmood Boby
PG gamer tamil
PG gamer tamil 2 hónapja
Lucas is super and very intelligent
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I dont try but i wach cuz you guys so cute emily is my best❤❤❤❤
rishok venkat
rishok venkat 2 hónapja
Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper this is really soooo useful for me thank you 💕 and are from which country
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Rachna Rai
Rachna Rai 2 hónapja
the last one was fake won't she see from the bottom
Yohana Raquel Morel
Shibil Riyas
Shibil Riyas 2 hónapja
Neelam sing
Neelam sing 2 hónapja
you are best in the show
Nia Susan Mathew
Nia Susan Mathew 2 hónapja
I liked the mobile cover & the cover of Tab 💚 It is good...
Sheela Sunil
Sheela Sunil 2 hónapja
Good Didi
Prani Jnani
Prani Jnani 2 hónapja
Hi I want from u a favour your from which country pleese😔😀😒
Pavithra Pavi
Pavithra Pavi 2 hónapja
Pavithra Pavi
Pavithra Pavi 2 hónapja
Wow 💓💓❤️❤️❤️👌👌👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🥰🥰
Benisa Habibovic
Benisa Habibovic 2 hónapja
3:29 mogla je jednostavno jednom u zivotu masinu ukljucit da opere.
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Rebeca Tinca 2 hónapja
Archita Majumder
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Hmm Kemon
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omg so kool🖤🖤
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Hanz Harold Dalisay
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Look at that orange tooth on that intro picture
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good Loces. EMMA, Jessica, Emily. Hai
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BAD_ BOYZz 3 hónapja
Not easy
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ا ا 3 hónapja
Prasad Borkar
Prasad Borkar 3 hónapja
1:22 I wish I could do that but we are not allowed to take cocacola in our school
Iove cher
Nagarathna Kp
Nagarathna Kp 3 hónapja
Nice 😃😀
Зияда Уйсунбаева
8:50 Лож бумага почернеит🤦🏻‍♀️
ladhu Laddu butta bomma
Зияда Уйсунбаева
Или даже сгорить
Sharmistha Dutta
Sharmistha Dutta 3 hónapja
We should not hide anything from mothers
Suman Gill
Suman Gill 3 hónapja
Nice. Good
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Faiz Izzuddin 3 hónapja
Madison what number phone you
Fahad Mohammed fahad
Jonali Nath Deka
Jonali Nath Deka 3 hónapja
Not nice of them 👊😇💈🐹
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Hey! Emily what song are you listening on your phone?
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Hi Lucas Emma and Madison I recognise you
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7:47 she cheated on mom ahh😳😳
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